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A collection of creative 404 error pages. Advice and guidance on how to create effective 404 error pages for web sites. Webmaster and web user resource on the topic of 404 errors and their visibility.


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404 Additional Advice

What else can be done about 404 page not found errors, how to secure an efficient 404 strategy for your users.

What else can you do about 44 page not found error codes:

  • Check your web site's log files. A high percentage of 404 errors in your web site's log files is reason to further research. Make sure you understand what your users are looking for and how they run into those page errors.
  • It is always a good idea to NOT delete outdated pages without replacement but either update them or redirect to updated pages. You do not know how many sites, directories, partners linked to pages that you might have deleted.
  • Also make it a routine to contact webmasters who link to outdated URL's of your web site. Offer a clear linking policy, easy to use tools and an option for them to be linked from your site if your policy suggests reciprocal linking.
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